The Counselling and Mental Health Team  has 2 regular same-day mini sessions each day at 12.00pm (midday) and 12.30pm, each lasting 25 minutes.  During busy times additional same-day mini sessions will be available. Please scroll through the day to check for extra green boxes to click on. Please click on one of the green boxes on the calendar at one of these times and complete your details in order to book a same day mini appointment. If there are no green boxes this means those sessions have already been filled. New sessions become live each weekday (at midnight) and are bookable the next working day.

Please arrive 5 minutes early to allow time to get to the room.


 The Counselling Service is located in Sunny Hill House. To get there you have three options:

1. Exit the Cafe downstairs in the Sheppard Library - go outside to the carpark and walk towards the exit which leads onto Greyhound Hill. Turn right, walk up Greyhound Hill and turn right into the first driveway you come across. Two buildings are located there, Sunny Hill House is on your right.

2. If you are walking down Greyhound Hill, pass the gate (on your left) to the Model Farmhouse and turn into the next left driveway, you will see two buildings - the one to your right is Sunny Hill House.

3. Alternatively you can cross the car park outside the Williams Building and walk through a wooden door marked Sunny Hill House & Farmside. This takes you though a small garden around the side of the bungalow, adjacent to Sunny Hill House. Walk through the second wooden door and you will be immediately outside Sunny Hill House, on your left.